Visual Sounds & Music is Jerome Leroy’s production company dedicated to various audio endeavors in the fields of linear, non-linear, adaptive, and live music.

As a turnkey solutions provider with more than a decade of experience and well-respected partners, Visual Sounds & Music provides the following services:

  • Music and SFX Production & Integration

  • Live Recording Production (from single soloists to 100+ players)

  • Music/SFX Editing & Mixing

  • Audiovisual and Music Consulting (artistic/creative/technical)

  • Music Supervision and Coordination

  • Musical Branding for Live Events

Visual Sounds & Music operates in any area where audio enhances or furthers the narrative and emotional impact of a production, such as:

  • Film & TV

  • Video games

  • Theme park rides

  • Investigative journalism and documentaries

  • Institutional clips and branding

  • Commercials and crowdfunding campaigns

  • Non-profit and charity campaigns

  • Sizzle reels, and behind-the-scenes, and portfolios

  • Concerts, live shows, and award ceremonies

  • Records, podcasts and audiobooks

  • Facilities with audio playback capabilities

Visual Sounds & Music’s mission is to serve companies with a passion for powerful storytelling that touches and inspires people. If this is you, get in touch below.

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