The Long Farewell (Original Soundtrack)

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In this reflective exploration of childhood, filmed in Peru under the guidance of Werner Herzog, director Aqsa Altaf patiently and lovingly tells the story of two souls on their last day together.

With no dialog and minimal sound effects, the film relies on music to create a profoundly poetic atmosphere. Written primarily for synthesizers with piano solos performed by the composer, the score sometimes blends with the director’s bigger-than-life shots of the luxurious surrounding landscape (thick forests, tall trees, wide rivers, big gray skies…). At other times, it reaches for the ethereal by opening up the emotional range to depict what is not directly seen on screen—the deep, everlasting bond between the two main characters.

While the film’s pacing is purposefully peaceful, its title gives away a certain apprehension within the story. “There’s a very interesting process of emotional tension going on,” remarks the composer, “in the sense that we know from the film’s title that a separation is bound to happen, but nothing in the storytelling itself gives the idea that this separation is indeed coming.” Leroy adds, “Everything about the relationship as we witness it feels calm and at peace… almost eerily so.” To match that feeling of serenity, the music was written freely, without a constant tempo or a bar structure to box the music in. Harmonies start softly and grow slowly, and eventually disappear back in the ether. Various textures and instruments are layered in over time to lead the story to its climatic point, and ultimately pull back to leave the audience reflecting about childhood, friendship, and the loss of innocence.

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Composed and Produced by Jerome Leroy

Mixed at Visual Sounds & Music, Los Angeles, CA

Mastered by Casey Stone

Album Art Direction by Javier Burgos Gasco


Thanks to Perrine, Joachim and Alice; Aqsa Altaf; CAA for giving artists from various backgrounds the opportunity to meet and work together; and Casey Stone.

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