'Yuanfen' Nominated for the 2019 Hollywood In Media Awards by Jerome Leroy

I was very honored to learn a couple weeks ago that my score to “Yuanfen” has been nominated for a 2019 Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the Contemporary Classical/Instrumental category.


This is a great opportunity to thank Amanda Sparso for making such a special film and entrusting me with creating the music for it. I also have to thank the wonderful soloists who performed on the score: Gina Luciani, Michelle Packman and Lara Somogyi – they brought their soul to this score and it made all the difference.

Yuanfen Now Available On All Major Online Platforms by Jerome Leroy

My score to Amanda Sparso’s animated short ‘Yuanfen’ is now available on all download and streaming platforms.

Yuanfen, produced at the School of Visual Arts in New York, is a heartwarming tale of adoption as seen through a child’s eyes. Inspired by Amanda’s personal story, Yuanfen takes us through the beautiful and emotional journey of a young infant who will travel thousands of miles from her birthplace in China to her adoptive parents in the United States.

The film metaphorically depicts the caregiver who accompanies the baby girl along her journey as a comforting panda bear, musically represented by a solo cello performed by Michelle Packman. The baby girl’s journey is at first underscored by a dizi (traditional Chinese flute), which, as she eventually makes her way to the United States, turns into a concert flute; both instruments were performed by Gina Luciani. To provide additional warmth and musical support, the score also features harp solos performed by Lara Somogyi, along with piano solos and other various synthetic elements.

You can read more about the score here, and listen to the album on iTunes MusicSpotifyGoogle PlayAmazon MusicSoundCloud, or YouTube.