Introducing my Medium "Complog" / by Jerome Leroy

I very recently started a blog on Medium. My goal is to use it to post in-depth articles about my work and processes—basically, how I write music for media. Some articles will be focused strictly on the musical side of things, others will be focused strictly on the technical side of things, and many articles will fall somewhere in between.

Writing music for media is at the intersection of music and technology, so I think exploring these two areas (and the way they converge, or not) has some potential. I've certainly learned a few things over the years, and my hope is that sharing the result of those lessons can be of interest to other composers, students, and music technology nerds like me.


The rate of publishing new articles will be completely dependent on my available time (and if I find something exciting to talk about), so I wouldn't expect something too regular from it. Fear not, however, as I will let you know on this page whenever I post something on Medium—so as long as you check in here from time to time (or subscribe via email), you'll always know when something new has been added over there.

I'm starting things off with a multi-part Story on how I wrote a "Boss Battle" track for a video game. This is a real-life example for an actual project (which I can divulge too much about right now); I'll take you through every step of the way, including creating the template in Logic X, writing the track itself, making fixes based on my client's comments, and finally preparing the deliverables. Part 1 was published today, and I hope you enjoy it and will check back over the next few weeks for the following parts.