Live on YouTube: 10 short excerpts from my score to The Housemaid! / by Jerome Leroy


Today I posted on YouTube ten excerpts from my original soundtrack to The Housemaid. They were built around visuals from the film, synced with the music and screenshot of the conductor score. Each excerpts is less then 60" long, so I made a playlist to make it easy to watch all of them in a row!

I tried to select pieces that were representative of the album as a whole. In order, you will hear:

  1. "Opening Titles"
  2. "Welcome To Sa-Cat"
  3. "Introducing Linh"
  4. "Tending The Captain"
  5. "The Conjuring"
  6. "Bloody Tree"
  7. "Making Up"
  8. "What Happened"
  9. "Finding The Parents"
  10. "Epilogue"