In The Deathroom (Original Soundtrack)

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Adapted from the Stephen King’s short story of the same name, Damon Vinyard’s short film In the Deathroom tells the story of Fletcher, a former reporter from The New York Times, held captive in a basement somewhere in South America. The film depicts Fletcher’s interrogation by his violent and sadistic captors, whom–it is soon apparent–will not let him out of there alive. Desperate, Fletcher improvises an escape plan which in turn will reveal why he was captured in the first place…

One of the Composer’s earlier works, In the Deathroom is a dark and tense score, at times purposely to uncomfortable ends: its sound design, a staple for psychological thrillers, is thick, gritty and intricate. While also featuring heavy low-end beats and powerful percussion pieces, the music doesn’t shy away from the story’s more emotional moments, underscored with melancholic piano and cello solos. The album ends on an eerily positive note, soon followed by evocative atmospheres representing the titular “death room” the lead character eventually leaves behind.

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Composed, Orchestrated, and Produced by Jerome Leroy

Programmed & Produced at
Matt-Man Music, Woodland Hills, CA

Mixed by
Emir Merzeci

2015 Remaster Produced by
Visual Sounds & Music, Los Angeles, CA

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