En fuite (Original Soundtrack)

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En fuite is a short film directed and produced by Hayden Jeremy. It tells the story of Jessica, a woman who, for work reasons, travels to the town where she grew up. Everything seems to be going well, until memories she thought long forgotten come back to haunt her. Helped by a friend, she decides to face the past once and for all.

The music follows the psychological thriller genre quite respectfully, with dark atmospheres and tense ambiances throughout thanks to various “soundscaping” devices; but the director also wanted to capture Jessica’s emotions and feeling of loss and grief, which is why the composer settled with a solo clarinet, hauntingly performed by Vicente Ortiz Gimeno.

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Composed, Orchestrated, and Produced by Jerome Leroy

Clarinet solos performed by Vicente Ortiz Gimeno

Mixed by Matt Ward

Recorded and Mixed at Momentum RLP Studios, Santa Monica, CA

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood

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