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Dear Alice tells the story of Anthony, an unconfident artist, who must inspire a wide-eyed young girl, Alice, to see the beauty in her sketch before the bus they’re in reaches his stop. The film deals with artistic growth through self-doubt and reassurance, thanks to a chance meeting with someone dealing with the same issue as yours; the score was written as a duet between solo violin (performed by Patti Rudisill) and solo cello (performed by Michelle Packman) to plays on this newfound relationship where each character inspires the other. Listen to the album.

Yuanfen is a heartwarming tale of adoption as seen through a child’s eyes. The score follows the film’s journey from mainland China to the United States and features performances by Gina Luciani (dizi and concert flute), Michelle Packman (cello), and Lara Somogyi (harp). Listen to the album.

[Now available on CD!] The score to The Housemaid is decisively thematic and written primarily for a live ensemble comprised of a string quintet, flute, oboe, harp, and piano, complimented by various synthetic libraries of effects, ambiences, small percussion, and vocals. It also features dark, screechy, and powerful moments representative of the film’s thriller and horror elements. Listen to the album.

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