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The Housemaid is a gothic horror / romance film released in the US by genre distributor IFC Midnight. The score is decisively thematic and was written primarily for a live ensemble comprised of a string quintet, flute, oboe, harp, and piano, complimented by various synthetic libraries of effects, ambiences, small percussion, and vocals. It also features dark, screechy, and powerful moments representative of the film’s thriller and horror elements. Listen to the album.

Impressions is my first album of new music commissioned by British music library Audio Network. It features emotive orchestral themes and hypnotic piano melodies, built alongside delicate woodwind and lyrical strings—all underpinned by pulsing electronics and powerful percussion. Listen to the album.

A poetic animated short film about searching for an unexpired romance, the score to Expiration Date is at turns moody, reflective, upbeat, sad, calm, and ultimately optimistic. It features synthetic beds supporting acoustic solos on clarinet, piano, harp, and guitar. Listen to the album.

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