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Although Papito is a computer animated film, its visual design is inspired by clay animation, resulting in a down-to-earth, intimate and warm atmosphere. To match, the music had to stay simple and softly underline the film’s poignant father/son relationship story. The score was written for two acoustic guitars, each with its own range and style yet both ultimately blending, thereby mimicking, at least in a symbolic way, Emilio and Luis’ places in the family. Listen to the album.

Killers Within dabs into fantasy, horror, thriller, and action. To follow the film’s shifting tones, the score features a phalanx of electronic and digital tools, calling for a huge amount of analog and digital synthesizers for ambiences and textures, processed strings and reversed percussions, old school keyboards, layered acoustic and electronic bass to add rhythm and tension, EQ’ed digital pulses, and a wide array of risers, hits, and percussive sweeps. Listen to the album.

In this reflective exploration of childhood, filmed in Peru under the guidance of Werner Herzog, director Aqsa Altaf patiently and lovingly tells the story of two souls on their last day together. With no dialog and minimal sound effects, The Long Farewell relies on music to create a profoundly poetic atmosphere; the score was written primarily for synthesizers with piano solos performed by the composer. Listen to the album.

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