A Little Mischief (Original Soundtrack)

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A Little Mischief is a 2016 animation short film produced and directed by Joy Dawood at the School of Visual Arts in New York. The film tells the story of a little boy who lost his basketball and stumbles upon a mesmerizing crystal ball inside a fortune-teller's tent. When he decides to replace his average-looking ball with the fortune-teller's, the boy triggers a series of magical events he could not have foreseen.

In keeping with the film's medieval and Eastern European-flavored art design, the score was written for solo violin, duduk, accordion, zither, dulcimer, and harp (all recorded live in Los Angeles), backed by the warm strings of the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra.

Film music should move you and stand alone as entertaining and evocative with or without the visuals. When I was asked what my thoughts were right after I saw the final edit with music, I wasn’t able to immediately recollect my words because I was still connected to what was going on in the characters’ minds. Jerome’s music conveys the psychological drama of the scenes in the most beautiful, entrancing way.
— Joy Dawood


Composed, Orchestrated, and Produced by Jerome Leroy

Strings performed by The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra

Session Supervisor: Balint Sapszon

Recording Engineer: Gabor Bucko

Pro Tools Editor: Miklos Lukacs

Recording Producer: Miklos Lukacs Jr.

Score Mixed by Guillermo Marin

Mixed at RED57 Studios, Burbank, CA

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood

Album Art Direction by Javier Burgos


Thanks to Perrine and Joachim; Joy, John McIntosh, Jimmy Calhoun, and the Computer Art Department staff at the School of Visual Arts in New York; Balint Sapszon and all the musicians involved in creating this score; Guillermo Marin; and James Jamail and Pat Sullivan.

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